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Best Spas in Sweden: Relax and Enjoy

Looking for the best spa holiday? Take a break and spend a relaxing weekend in Sweden. Health resorts and spa hotels in Sweden truly believe in mental and physical well-being and unity with characteristics. Some of the spa hotels in Sweden have been around for more than 300 years! Swedes are nature lovers and this might be why many spa hotels and spa resorts can be seen in wonderful privacy in the Swedish countryside.


Kosta Boda Art Hotel can be seen right in the Kingdom of Crystal, Småland. It is a totally exclusive fashionable hotel made of glass and stone. It includes a bar entirely created of glass and a pool with an underwater exhibition.  The spa offers a possibility of strong pleasure in a relaxing haven and through exercise and beneficial treatments, it renews strength and energy. Glass art is one of the main destinations of the place. Appreciate a diving with art glassex hibition under water.

  • Selma Town Spa

Selma Town Spa is the places to be if you want to have fun with a glass of fizzy whilst soaking in a pool and taking in the view of Stockholm’s roofs. The spa is associated with the Clarion Hotel Sign at Norra Bantorget and is discovered on the hotel’s 8th floor. Here you get a complete spa experience, with everything from strong massages to cosmetics.

  • Elements Spa

When you get into Elements Spa, available at Clarion Hotel Stockholm, you get into an impressive and modern service presenting Indian traditions – the best day visit or spa weekend. The idea behind this spa is to create a haven at the place where visitors can unwind, be themselves, and feel special in a fascinating spa environment with warm colours and various designs.  Here get ready to have a variety of therapies such as water massages, a sauna in either vapour or combined herbs, and swimming – or you can just rest.

  • Sparadiset

Imagine an amazing unique setting in the centre of Stockholm, offering a feeling that you can usually only experience in countries like Thailand. This romantic and personal day spa now has three places, on Södermalm, Östermalm, and Kungsholmen. Enjoy an in-depth massage along with luxurious spa treatments and private relaxation areas – and a big plus is that you can book a private area for relaxation.

  • Centralbadet

Just steps from the brilliant shopping street of Drottninggatan you’ll fine Stockholm’s traditional Centralbadet,situated in a wonderful art newly structure. It’s a welcoming and relaxing haven waiting to indulge you.  The 3,500sq. ft. service is filled with health and relaxation and get ready to have a number of pamperings, such as the Roman bath and spa, sun mattresses, gym, and an organic restaurant.

After days of shopping or long taking walks around wonderful Stockholm, nothing even comes even close to a moment of pleasure at a spa. The town is full of great spas where you can get a massage,facial treatments, body wraps, manicures or various other treats. Maybe just a relaxing dip in the hot tub is all you need. In the end, it’s the relaxing environment of a spa that will have you ready to go in no time at all.