Romantic Towns in Europe
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Top 5 Most Romantic Towns in Europe

Your head is filled with romantic music and you are looking for a romantic getaway? Discover the best romantic locations in Europe, the best romantic vacations in the UK, the most romantic places in Italy, but also the most romantic beaches, the most romantic historical cities or mansions. Here is our selection of the most romantic locations in Europe.

  • Paris

Also known as the City of Lights and the City of Love. No matter what you call it; Paris could well be the most romantic town in Europe. From walks along the Champs Elysees to glasses of wine at moonlit cafes, you can’t go wrong with a Paris honeymoon vacation. Take a walk along the Seine and be one of those couples standing on a historical bridge for some public shows of love. Drive to the top of the Eiffel Tower and have dinner while you enjoy the sunset.

  • Rome

The Traditional City is filled with amazing historical monuments, delightful food, and lots of outdoor cafes for enjoyment.After an excursion of the Coliseum and the Forum, take a picnic lunch to Villa Borghese and enjoy the world go by. Or walk through the ancient city at night when it is lit to make an impression on. The Pantheon looms over the piazza of the same name while you eat your latest cone of gela to or walk-through the Piazza Navona where the fountains indicate the dancing light back upon the sculptures.


Get lost in the little island of Venice with your partner and come across something surprising while walking on the cobblestone roads of this romantic location in Europe. Perhaps ride a gondola and cruise along the small canals of this popular romantic destination! Also,Venice is the ideal destination for your next romantic weekend breaks in Europe because it is enough for you to see the top areas of the town.


How great is it that there’s a lot of romantic location in Europe you can visit and each one is unique and delightful on its own. Those things to do in Santorini are indeed one of the popular European destinations a lot of visitors travel for, either as a couple or just a moving visitor. Nevertheless, the spectacular view you’ll enjoy absolutely will make your minds and hearts be sad of pleasure from its beauty.


Stumble upon stylish cafes, admire the architecture and breathe in the rich culture of Vienna as it makes you of its bewitching beauty. Surely there are a lot of products to do in Vienna for couples like going to the popular imperial mansions and engaging museums but also the fact that Vienna functions as home to some of the world’s most recommended performers during the Romantic era – Mozart and Mozart to name a few!

That said, romantic city breaks in Europerelies upon on what you and your partner both love. A weekend romantic gateway sare ideal for a short break in Europe and a good possibility to temporarily evade your regular schedule. With a little research, you and your partner will certainly find the ideal romantic destination!